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Final days in paradise

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

I was able to sleep in today because our ferry didn’t leave for Maui until 2pm. Once I got up, we packed up for our trip back to Maui. We checked out of the hotel and then walked around the rest of the town we had not seen yet. After we finished our walk we sat and relaxed on the porch of the hotel and I finished reading the book I started on the way over.

The shuttle arrived and we headed for the ferry. We boarded and it took about 30 minutes to get down to the harbor. Once there the ferry was just arriving so we didn’t have too long to wait. We boarded and sat inside this time so that we stayed out of the sun. The ride back was just as smooth as the ride over and took about 45 minutes. After we disembarked we had to wait for the rental car shuttle because the reservation was not properly made, not the first problem, but hopefully the last. Fortunately, I was able to call them and they arrived in about ten minutes. We picked up the rental car and then drove back to the hotel. We checked in and unpacked and had our stored luggage sent to the room.

Angie was hungry so we went over to the Hula Grill for food. We sat and listened to music while we ate. After we finished lunch we went to the pool for a swim and hung out for a while. We sat in the spa for a little while and met some people from Riverside. His eldest daughter was starting at Point Loma University this Fall. We were graced with the presence of a woman who was a bartender from Las Vegas and was way more than three-sheets by the time she entered the spa. She definitely had way too much to drink. It was more comical than anything because she was one of those Meer drunks. She had an opinion on everything, especially the weather in Seattle. She kept saying how much she hated it, but later we found out she had never been there.

We had left overs for dinner. We figured after carrying them around between three islands we should finally eat them.

The next day we got up early for breakfast and drove into Lahaina. We parked and walked to Cheeseburger in Paradise for breakfast. I guess this is a Jimmy Buffet themed restaurant, but for some reason they were playing Hawaiian music. The food was good, but the employees really know how to cross and up sell you. If you are weak, you may not want to go there. 😀

After breakfast we walked over to Hilo Hattie’s so that Angie could do some shopping. As it turned out I ended up spending more money than her ;-). I bought a shirt and she bought some pineapple earrings. We also bought some candies. We headed up the coast for some snorkeling. We went to Honoluka Bay on the advice of several people at the hotel. The best advice was to not park on the right side of the road as they give people tickets. We lucked out and got a spot just as someone was leaving. We walked down the steps to the beach and found a place to lay our stuff.

The water was not too cold and Angie and I went in to do some snorkeling. I am not sure that snorkeling is something that she is ever going to get the hang of. I think she needs to spend a lot of time in the pool first. I was able to swim out to some rocks and saw a lot of fish and even one eel. Because I didn’t have flippers or a life vest, I got pretty tired floating and treading water so I came back in and we laid out on the sand.

We went in the water a few more time and enjoyed the water and waves. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel. We drive along the coast through some of the older parts of the town. This is the road I remember from twenty years ago. We even drove by the China Boat restaurant.

We returned to the hotel and hung out at the pool. We tried several times to flag down the waitress for drinks but she just refused to come by. We finally just went up on our own and got the drinks. We got a little burned laying at the pool, but not too bad. After swimming and relaxing we got dressed for the Luau at the Sheraton hotel.

We walked about ten minutes to the Luau. They gave us drinks and took our picture while we waited to check in. After checking in, we were seated at our table. We went to get some drinks , we took a look at some of the local artists works. I ended up buying a mask for my collection. They had some demonstrations of native Hawaiian games and skills.

We watched the unveiling of the pig from the IMU. The pig looked fantastic once it was revealed. I need to figure out a way to put on in my back yard. Perhaps the pool needs to go?

Once the pig was revealed it was taken in to be shredded and dinner was served. Dinner consisted of potato salad, pasta salad, purple sweet potatos, Mahi Mahi, teriyaki steak and the kulua pork. The food was really good, although neither of us was willing to try the poi. We finished eating and enjoyed the sunset.


At sunset (our last one on Maui :() we watched the lighting of the torches and the cliff diver jumping into the ocean. The sunset here never gets old. After the sun set, the luau show started. The dancers came on stage and the show started.

The show was amazing. The dancers performed many traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian dances. We both enjoyed the show a lot.

After the show we walked back to the hotel and went to the spa to relax. We met some people we had chatted with the previous night. We talked about what we all did during the day. They had actually been at the luau but we didn’t see them there. After soaking for a while we went back to the room and went to sleep.

Today is our last day on the Islands. We got up and packed for our flight home. We checked out of the hotel (seriously, they charged me $2.00 to make an 800 call?). This really has to be one of the most nickle and dime hotels we have ever stayed at. Overall, I have to say all of the hotel are overpriced but at least at the Marriott on Kauai they provided some quality service. The Westin doesn’t seem to know how to really provide quality service. I normally don’t book package hotels and probably won’t again…well with the exception of the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas.

We drove into Lahaina and found a place to park. We went to Longhi’s Lahaina for breakfast, the food was good, but really really slow service. Angie’s food didn’t come out for quite a long time because they burned it the first time. After breakfast, Angie wanted to go back to Hilo Hattie’s because she didn’t get her free shell necklace. We then had to return to the restaurant because she left her hat there. Fortunately, it was still there. We walked back to the car and headed back to the airport. As we drive out of town there was a lot of traffic. Apparently, a canoe event had just finished so a lot of people were crossing the roads at random causing the traffic to stop to let them cross. This caused about a five mile backup. Once we passed the beach area it was smooth driving the rest of the way.

We stopped to fill up on gas and then I dropped Angie off at the airport with the luggage while I returned the rental car. I made it back to the airport and we checked in. The check in terminals all had 404 browser errors running IE. Ah, welcome back to reality. The line for security was really slow, but the X-Ray seemed to go quickly.  We had to pass through two agricultural inspections. All they do is X-Ray the luggage, because I guess fruits, vegetable and flowers show up on the X-Ray machine?

Our plane was a little late arriving but it finally pulled into the terminal. Alaska apparently does something interesting, if you have luggage you are willing to check, you can board early if you choose to check it through baggage claim. The gate attendant said it was because they had $24k in fines last year. I find that hard to believe, but I did find a lot of other fines they have received with a quick Google search. I am not so sure I want to be flying on this airline 😉

The flight home was uneventful. We arrived a few minutes later than planned but it was good to be home. We picked up our luggage and went to get a shuttle home.

A Maui Sunrise

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

This was our crazy insane day. Yes we woke up at 1:45am this morning, before anyone else was up. The only people awake are the hotel cleaning crew, other tourists as crazy as us and people coming home from the bars.

I have been wanting to do two things since our last trip here 20 years ago. The Na Pali coast and see the sunrise over Mount Haleakala. This trip we made a point of booking the trip early. I choose the company Bike it Maui because of all the tours out there they seemed to be the most organized and reasonably priced.

The shuttle driver picked us up at 2:10am and we stopped at one other hotel in our area. He then drove down to Wailea to two more hotels to pick up the remaining guests. After the van was loaded, we drove back to the central part of Maui and picked up one of the other tour guides and  had a quick stop for restrooms, coffee and snacks. We loaded back up and headed on to pick up the bikes. Once the bike trailer was loaded up, we headed up the mountain. The ride up the mountain was dark, so you don’t get to see anything exciting.

Just outside the National Park, we dropped off the trailer with the bikes and we were given windbreakers, gloves, hats and pants. After the trailer was unhitched and the cloths passed out we continued on up the mountain. The rest of the ride up you started to see more cars. A little further up the mountain we reached the parking lot and it seemed pretty full. Fortunately, all of the tour buses have their own place to park so we pulled in and unloaded.

It was about 30 minutes before sunrise, so we had some time to walk around and find a good spot. The temperature was pretty cold and I was glad I had gloves and a hat. The wind was blowing as well, but there were enough people around that they were a windbreak for us. The skyline was amazing. We were above the cloud line, so you could not see much of the crater, but it led to some amazing colors as the sun got closer to the horizon. We started to see a little red line on the horizon, in the distance as it slowly grew brighter.

All of a sudden, a little arc appeared above the horizon as the sun started to rise. It grew larger as the outline of the sun could now be seen and it slowly ascended in the sky. The colors started to brighten up the sky as the sun rose higher. The sun finally crested the horizon and was now a complete sphere of light. The landscape was almost surreal and reminded me of a lunar landscape. The clouds made it even more eerie. I would like to come back here sometime and just spend the entire day hiking the rim.


We loaded up the van and headed back down the hill to the visitors center. This was used as a bathroom break, as the one at the top of the mountain was very crowded and this one had nobody. Just before we reloaded the van, the park ranger came out to raise the flag. It clearly wasn’t something he did everyday because he started to put the state flag on the pole before the US flag. I was about to say something before he finally realized it was wrong and fixed it.

We traveled back down to where we dropped off the trailer. We unloaded and they took the bikes out of the trailer. Once everyone had their own bike we started riding down the mountain. It was a pretty slow pace as most people were on their brakes for the entire time. I could smell the brakes from the other riders. The ride was about 15.26 miles. My GPS said at one point we reached 40mph, but I am not sure I believe that.We descended about 5000′ through a number of curves and 180 degree turns. The scenery was beautiful. The landscape changed from scrub-brush landscape at the top to forest-like in the middle to farmland towards the bottom. We stopped a few times for photos and a clothing break. Once we got down about half way, the temperature warmed up so that we didn’t need our jackets and pants. It started to rain just before the end of the ride, so we had to stop. This particular company does not allow its tour to ride in wet weather. While we are on mountain bikes with wide tires, it would be fine for most, but the one person that crashes would probably not be good for tourism.

We loaded the bikes back up into the van and then traveled down to drop off our guide. We then stopped at the Dunes at Maui Lani Golf Course for breakfast. The breakfast was pretty good and the portions were large. The only odd things was Coffee was included, but hot tea was $3 extra. After breakfast, we dropped off our guests in the reverse order we picked them up in. We returned to our Hotel about noon. We promptly headed up to the room and went to sleep.

After a few good hours of sleep we decided to go get some dinner. We went to Hula Grill & Barefoot Bar to watch the sunset and eat dinner. After dinner, I spent some time in the spa relaxing and helping my body recover and then off to bed.

A semi-rest day

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Today was a day of resting after our long day in Hana yesterday. We got up and drive into Lahaina. There was not a lot of parking available but we found a free three hour lot and after circling for a little while found a spot.

We walked a little ways down the street and found a breakfast place that served crepes. The Maui Swiss Cafe is a little out of the way place that serves made from scratch food. Angie and I ordered crepes, I kept with the Hawaiian tradition and ordered mine with ham and pineapple. We walked around Front street and check out the many shops there. There are a few chain restaurants, but a number of local shops.

We headed over to the ferry station to book our transportation to Lana’i later in the week. There are a lot of local artists that setup booth in the area around the library. There is a large banyan tree there they sit under and sell their stuff. We stopped into a shave ice place called: Local Boys Shave Ice. I think the best shave ice places have the metal machines and not the plastic ones. They seem to do a much better job. The shop was a bit crowded, but was worth the wait.

After sitting and eating our shave ice, we drove back to hotel. We went out to the pool and relaxed. We swam in pool and under the waterfalls. Afterwards, we sat under the palm trees and rested, read and sipped on drinks.

We decided to eat dinner in Lahaina since we had the Entertainment book. We picked a Japanese restaurant called Kobe. It’s pretty much the same place as Bennihana. Dinner was good, but I think chicken and shrimp is the way to go and not beef. After dinner we drove back to the hotel as we had to get to bed early for our 1:45 wake up call.

The Road to Hana

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Today we went to O’heo Gulch. This is the location of the Seven Sacred Pools. Our ultimate goal was to hike to the Waimoku Falls at the end of a 2 mile (or so) trail.

Before we can get there though we have to drive the long and winding road, known as the Hana Highway. For those that are unfamiliar with this road, it’s an experience not to be missed. The road is only about 60 miles or so long but takes about 3 hours to reach your destination. The road has over 600 curves and about 60 bridges, some of which are one lane. We made a quick stop at the local Safeway and picked up food and water for the trip.

The road didn’t seem like we remembered it. This could be because of the hurricanes, road construction over 20 years, or just plain bad memories. The views are gorgeous as we traveled through this part of the island. Having a convertible allows you to see a lot more than if you are stuck inside a car with just a side window to look out of. If you only get a convertible because of this drive, do it.

We stopped at a rest stop and stretched our legs. Across the highway was a little picnic area that had a nice waterfall. It appears that it had rained pretty recently as the area was quite muddy. We wandered around for a few minutes and then headed back to the car to continue our journey down the highway.

We reached the town of Hana, it has sure grown. They still don’t have a street light, but there are many more homes and buildings now, even a police and fire station. We got a little lost as I had not consulted the GPS for which direction to turn out of Hana to continue to the pools. Once I found how the GPS spelled the national park, it was about another 10 miles outside of town.

We reached the national park and paid our $10 to park. We paid a quick stop to the visitor station to get our national park stamp and check on the trails. Everything was open, but because the water level was so high, they discouraged people from swimming in the lower pools. We loaded up our backpack with our lunch supplies and water and headed to the trail head. The trek is about 2 miles according to the ranger (but I swear it’s more than that).

As you can see from the sign, the trail goes along the river and there are several points at which there are overlooks to take pictures. The ranger says the trip is 2 hours round trip. It’s a lie, it was a lie 20 years ago and it’s a lie now 😉 Plan to take about 2 hours just to get to the falls. Do not be discouraged by your progress if it takes you longer. The end result is worth all the pain and struggle to get there.

We headed along the trail and passed the first overlook about half a mile in. Most people just stop here as they think this is the main falls. Don’t be fooled by this, and learn to read a map as a half mile is not 2 miles 😉 There is a little metal swing gate that many people think is locked or closed. It is not, push it open and continue through.

After climbing up a lot of rock steps we reached an incredible banyan tree. This is one of the largest trees I have ever seen. After a little while we came across two bridges over the gorge. They offered some nice views of the river and falls, but this is still not the prize at the end of the trail.

This is a great place to stop and drink water and enjoy the view. There are a few good sets of stairs to climb up after the bridges, but once you are up them, it’s on to the bamboo forest. The forest is amazing. It starts out pretty open and airy, and then gets pretty closed and dark. It reminded me of the forbidden forest in Harry Potter.

The trail is well maintained through the forest and in many places there are wood walkways that are like mini boardwalks. Even though there is a walkway, it does get slippery from the rain and mud, so be careful to watch where you are walking.

Once we exited the bamboo forest, we walked along the trail until we were in site of the final falls. We still had to cross the river twice at the end. It’s interesting because the ranger basically told us not to cross the river, but it’s not possible to even get to the falls without crossing here.

Finally, we reached our destination. It is just as incredible as we remembered it. I am sure that my pictures can not do it justice. Realize this was shot with a 18mm wide angle, so you can get an idea how big this area is. The water fall is over 400 feet high.

We sat on the rocks and broke out our lunch. The entire area is nice and cool, it is amazing to sit in front of this natural wonder and realize how small we are. There are other waterfalls in the world that are bigger and stronger, but something about this one holds you in awe.

While we ate, we had a visit from our token squirrel/ground rodent (I think it was actually a mongoose). We have not been on a vacation yet where some sort of squirrel has not come to visit us. After we finished eating, we took some photos. I would post them here, but they are on Angie’s camera and I do not have a way to read her memory stick as we didn’t bring her cable.

We met one guy who had told his wife that he would be back in an hour (hah!) There is no phone service here, so I am sure she was waiting for him anxiously. We took his picture so that his wife knew he made it.

We packed up our lunch and trash and started our hike back down. There are definitely less steps going upwards on the way back. The hike took us about 2 hours and 45 minutes with a 30 minute stop for lunch. On the way back down we passed many people with young babies on their way up. I am sure they would only get to the first half mile as the rest of the trail is pretty rough to hike with a baby slung over the shoulder. One group had three of them, babies that is!

We decided to take the back road home. Many of the guide brochures have warnings all over the place about voiding your rental car insurance, but nowhere in the contracts is this talked about. I think they do this to scare people away from it because the road is a pretty rough road, and about 5 miles of it was dirt. The road wasn’t as bad as I expected, but if you are not used to 1 lane roads and dirt road driving, this road is not for you. We did get back in half the time though and saw the back side of the crater. This is where all the lava flows from 200+ years ago were. It’s generally used for cattle now and there is almost no green there.

We stopped at panda express for dinner (take-out) because we knew we would be too tired to go forage for food. We returned to the hotel and ate our dinner. Afterwards we went down to the spa to soak. My feet really needed it. Although I had decent shoes on, my feet could still feel every rock I stepped on. I wish I would have brought my hiking boots.

While in the spa, we met lots of people from California. Some people were from  from Tustin, a group from the bay area and another from Coronado. The folks from Tustin went to Hana but didn’t go past the metal gate because they thought it was closed. I felt bad for them to have come all this way and missed the falls. After a good soak in the spa, we  returned to the room for some much needed rest.

Aloha Kauai – Aloha Maui

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Today we slept in late. This was our last day on Kauai. We checked out of the hotel. 
I am very glad we found a place to park a lot closer to the hotel room. We didn’t have to trek through the hotel and maneuver stairs and escalators.
 We drove up to Kappa for a late breakfast/early lunch. We drove up to the Opaekaa Falls overlook and took some photos from a distance. The only way to see these falls up close is to take a tour or kayak up the river. (perhaps next trip in 20 more years). There are no trails or ground access to them.

We went to the Smith’s Fern Grotto Wailua River Cruise and purchased our tickets. Be aware that all the times listed in the brochures were wrong. The web site does appear to have the correct times, but I recommend you contact them to confirm before you drive out there and miss the times like we did the previous day. The pier has both boats and kayaks here. So those that would like to try their hands at paddling up the river can do so.

While we waited for our cruise to start we had some cold drinks and a piece of chocolate cream pie at the local restaurant. It was yummy and there was a nice cool breeze. The place appears to seat a lot of people. From what I could tell, this was a tour that caters to the cruise ships and they must serve them a buffet. 
We boarded our boat for the river cruise and headed up the Wailua river. We had live Hawaiian music on board. Apparently, one of the ukulele players was in the movie Blue Hawaii with Elvis Presley – we’ll have to check it out when we get home.
We reached our destination up river and disembarked. We had a short hike through the forest and reached the Fern Grotto. The place was pretty amazing. They used to have weddings inside the cave before the last big hurricane. Afterwards, the park stopped allowing it because of dangers of rocks falling. They still do weddings, but it is only on the platform, about 100 yards in front of the grotto.

We boarded our boat for the journey back to the pier. The boat captain gave us a lot of history about the river. The most interesting was that the king didn’t allow any of the common folk in the valley because he thought it was bad luck. He would only allow them in with permission to perform laborious tasks for him. (e.g. build huts, canoes, plant crops, etc..)

We headed back to the airport and returned our rental car. We had about an hour wait for our plane, after about a 25 minute wait for the airline attendant to show up to check us in. Apparently, they only have one of two guys that work there. We boarded our flight (a turbo prop DHC-8). Our flight took about one hour to reach Maui. We disembarked and retrieved our luggage. Then off to the rental car company to pick up our car (another Ford Mustang convertible). The mustang must be the convertible of choice for the islands. Last time we were here, it was the Pontiac Sunbird. We had about a 30 minute drive to get to our hotel. The one significant thing you notice about Maui that is different than Kauai is that it’s more flat and less green. There are lots of farms on Maui and the sides of the hills are dotted with lights (staples of a rural city). The speed limit on Maui is about 20 miles faster than on Kauai and the roads are twice as wide.

We reached our hotel and checked in. Apparently our reservation was not booked as a guaranteed reservation. This is something I am always adamant about when I book a hotel room, especially since we were arriving late. Well, my agent didn’t make sure this was the case, so they didn’t have a room with a queen or king bed. They gave us a room with two double beds. I tried to explain this was unacceptable, but the person checking me in didn’t seem to care. All he kept saying is we can switch your room in the morning “if” something comes available. Exasperated, I just took the room they had and went to unpack. Our room was all the way at the end of the building, closest to the road and parking lot. This became a problem the next morning. After unpacking, we went to look for dinner and settled on one of the hotel restaurants. This turned out to be a disaster. The food was not very good. I had the seared ahi salad and the lettuce was extra bitter and the ahi was tough on the outside and like tar-tar on the inside. When we sat down, it took them almost 20 minutes to come take our drink order, and then after it was taken it was filled wrong. We had to send them back for the correct ones. The only thing redeeming about the meal was the dessert (chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce).

We walked around the property and checked out the separate pools. We found the place we needed to go in the morning to talk about out excursions. We then went upstairs for bed. The beds were so small that I had to take off all the covers and my feet hung over the edge. I don’t think I have slept on a double bed since I was 8 years old. Throughout the night, I was woken up every time kids got off the elevator, then around 4am car alarms in the parking lot were going off. After finally getting back to sleep housekeeping started their rounds at 7am and of course they were right across from us. So every bang and bump was echoed in our room. It was maddening.

I finally got up and dressed. There was a message on the phone stating that they had a new room for us. Angie tried calling them but the front desk phone rang and rang (over 20 times). So she went downstairs to get the message, she waited in line for them to just tell her “oh, you have to come back between 1 and 3pm.” Sheeze, why could they have not just said that on the message?

We headed out for breakfast. We stopped at the Lahaina Cannery Mall for breakfast and ate at Lu Lu’s. The food was pretty good and hearty. We drove back toward the hotel and further up the highway. We saw the hotel that used to be the Embassy Suites from our previous visit. All along the highway are a slew of new condos and homes. I do not recall there being this many buildings the last time we were here. I guess as all the plantations started shutting down, they sold the land off to condo developers.

We drove back down to Lahaina along front street. We wanted to get the lay of the land. Some of the places we remember are still there, but lots of chain restaurants are also there now. We returned back to the hotel. We met with the activities person and booked an all day guided tour of Molokai. I felt this was a better trip than to just take the ferry there and rent a car.  We returned to the room so that I could take a nap. I only got about 45 minutes into my nap before a knock on the door. It was housekeeping asking us if we were checking out. This was enough, I headed downstairs to talk to the manager. Finally, after explaining to her that I just want a place I can unpack, a bed I can fit into and not be disturbed for a few hours, she found me a room that was available. I returned to pack our luggage and move to the new room. The new room has a king bed, and also has a nice view of the ocean. I finally was able to get an hour or two of sleep.

We wandered down to the beach and walked along the the shore looking at the places to eat. We settled on Hula Grill & Barefoot Bar where we grabbed a drink and lunch. Angie had a chicken sandwich and I had a goat cheese pizza. The pizza was pretty good, but it should have been called an olive/cheese pizza since the predominant ingredient wasn’t goat cheese. After lunch we walked around the Whalers village looking at all the shops. They had a lot of chain stores so we avoided buying anything there, we will need to find a more local mall with Hawaiian stores. We wandered back to the hotel and changed into our suits to go sit by the pool. It was quite windy out, so laying out under the sun with all the wind lost it’s appeal. I hopped in the spa for a nice hot soak. There were two other couples there on their honeymoon talking about lots of issues with the hotel. From lack of service, to nobody in charge around, to security not being found, to one room having bed-bugs (yeach!). They were talking about how workers at the hotels in Hawaii seem to do half the work for twice the pay as mainlanders. I am not sure that is true, but there are sure a few we have met that would never cut it in California.

After taking as much wind as we could, we headed back up to the room to relax and watch the sunset. With our balcony door open you can hear the music and festival of the hotel luau, which is around the corner. You can also hear the waterfalls from the lagoon, so it’s a lot like our back yard, only louder 🙂 Watching the sunset from our room was very pretty. The sky turned some intense colors before going dark. Listening to the luau music while the sun set added to the “islandness” of the experience. I am not sure what we will do tomorrow. The road to Hana is on the agenda along with a nice 2-3 hour hike at the end. We will see if we are up to it. We will need to pack a picnic lunch and lots of water. Fortunately, our over priced resort fee includes two bottles of water a day.

The Luau music finished and Angie woke up from her nap, we headed down to look for dinner. We will have to go to the grocery store tomorrow as all this eating out is going to kill our budget. We stopped at Cane & Taro Grill and Bar as their menu seemed like the best for us tonight. Angie had the roasted chicken and I had their pork chops. Mine was delicious. I really like what they did with the mushroom reduction sauce. I am going to have to try that myself. The waitress was in training but everything went smoothly. We got a chance to ask her about the southern route to Hana. My GPS wants to send us that way (less miles and time), but where is the fun in that?

After dinner we walked along the hotel walkways to the last hotel on the beach – the Sheraton. This is probably the hotel we will go to for a luau. It’s a much smaller and intimate dinner. We checked out the pool at the Sheraton. Since we have usage rights at the hotel we will have to go over there and use their pools. We turned around and walked back along the beach walkway. They had the sprinklers on and many of them were spraying the walkway, so we got a little wet, but it dried out real quick. We headed back to the room and bed. Tomorrow will be a long driving and hiking day.