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I have decided to keep track of the things I really want to accomplish in my life. I have been keeping this list in my head, and it gets lost every once in a while. I decided to write them down so I can review, update and revisit them as time goes on. These are listed in no particular order: * Climb a mountain higher then I have flown (at least 10,000′)

    I am thinking about Mt. Denali, but that won’t be the 1st one I do.

* Finish my book on ethics

    I have the TOC/chapters laid out.

*Get a working garden railway in my back yard

    I really want to be able to start playing with all the trains I have invested in
    Update 11/14/2008: I have started laying track.I am currently working on testing different ballast options.

* See a Shuttle Launch

    As some of you know, I helped build the Discovery when I was in High School. I would like to actually see it launch some day.

* Go to every Disney Park in the World

    I have been to Disneyland, Anaheim, Disney World, Orlando, and EuroDisney, Paris so far.

* Finish my artwork on my arm and leg.

    I want to add clouds to my leg and water to my arm.

* Travel to all 50 states.

    This requires at least one night stay and visiting sights other than the hotel or airport.
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  • Get my Masters in Information Technology or in Education.
  • Take up a new winter sport. Looking at Cross-Country Skiing
  • Raft the colorado river starting from Lake Powell and see Natural Bridges National Park
  • Learn to surf
  • Ride the trans-canadian railway
  • Go back to Berlin and see where the Wall originally stood (stand inside Brandonburg Gate)
  • Watch the Padres win the world series!
  • Learn to sail
  • Spend at least one night sleeping in an over-water bungalow in Tahiti (Preferably on Rangaroa)
  • Find 1000 Geocaches

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  1. Joyce Potter says:

    Steve, I love your “Bucket List”. I can tell you that riding the trans-canadian railway is a spectacular trip — I’ve done it twice from Vancouver to Toronto. My friends did the Tahiti thing and said it was extremely expensive, but worth it, and I know you will love the Panama Canal. I hope you accomplish the rest …. but the Padres…. might be questionable. 🙂

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