Why am I called Darkavich

I am constantly asked why I am called Darkavich. First off, the name is pronounced \’daHrk-e-‘vich\. I was given this name after playing a very long session of Dungeon & Dragons(tm). I had a 9th level fighter-cleric that was half Human and half Orcish. “Nice combo don’t you think?”

It was a pretty boring adventure that we were on. Being of neutral-evil alignment, I decided to go around the town shutting off all the oil lamps. This caused me to get the nickname DARK

Later in my role-playing carrer, I started playing Top Secret(tm). My character was a Russian agent and I had to make my nickname sound more russian, so I added the avich.

Now aren’t you glad you asked?

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  1. Hi, Steven.

    You recently bought a pdf copy of my book, “Ecclesiastical Pomp and Aristocratic Circumstance” for which I thank you again.

    I have the four pages of errata for that book available as a free pdf, but I need your email address to send it to you. If you’d like the errata, please give me your email address, thanks.

    Hope you are well in southern California. Here in Maryland, it is a tad chilly.

    All the best,

    Nancy Spies
    Arelate Studio

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