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A new theme

Friday, August 12th, 2011

I have decided to go back to the default wordpress theme for now. I have found that basic things like link colors and image text wrapping do not work properly with the theme I have chosen.
I decided function over form, so until I find a suitable replacement I will use the default theme. I will have to re-add some of my side-bars, so bear with me until I migrate them over.

thank you sooo much SDG&E!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Please note the sarcasm 😉

Today, I was awoke to the sounds of UPS beeps. Apparently, today was the day they planned to swap out our meters for the 3rd time. Well I figured everything would be ok since most of my equipment is all on UPS.

Well I discovered that two pieces of equipment (My mac mini and one of my drobos rebooted.) I will be checking the cables and battery on them later today. After the mini rebooted, the Drobo volume did NOT mount. It saw the device and the volume, but refused to mount. I ran the DiskUtility software and did a disk repair but it failed.

So I brushed up on my UNIX skills and tried to fix this manually. I ran “fsck” but it reported a bad super-block, I tried running with an alternative super-block and that failed…. I then learned that fsck is not always successful and you should run “fsck_hfs”. I ran this and it complained that the catalog was corrupted. Huh? I thought I had a journaling file-system, this should never happen. 99.9% of all articles on the web claim I am totally screwed and to re-format and restore.

Well that’s the stupidest thing I have heard and I dug into the manual pages. I found an option “-r” that rebuilds the catalog. So far it has been rebuilding for the last two hours. It’s encouraging as it’s way past the point of where it failed before. Because this is a 650 gigs worth of data, it may take several more hours. Unlike Solaris and Linux it doesn’t give me any idea on the progress, so I just have to wait it out.

Once this is all done, I plan to consolidate all of my data onto a single Drobo and use the 2nd unit as an rsync copy. Ultimately (when I can afford it), I plan to purchase an eSata array and plug that back into a Solaris host and run ZFS on it.

bogus bandwidth speed tests.

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

I was re-wiring my network today and realized I had put a 10 mbps hub in between my cable modem and router. I use this in case I need to monitor traffic between my router and TWC. What was most interesting is that I had be told to run speed tests from and was getting speeds in the range of 15-22mbps. Well clearly anyone with 1st grade math skills can see the problem here….

I intend to install a bandwidth throttler and see if I can figure out what is going on. What this has taught me is that I can’t believe their web site.

Steve Jobs forces Ellen to apologize for being funny.

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Last week on the Ellen show, Ellen showed a clip of her trying to use an iPhone. It was a funny and self-deprecating bit. The next day on her show, she stated that everyone loved her bit, but “You know who didn’t like it? That’s right, Apple.” she went on to say “They thought it made the iPhone difficult to use”. She then apologized for her bit.

I am sorry, but it was a JOKE! I would think that Apple would recognize this and keep their lawyers locked up. I assume that Apple has a lot of say in what Ellen says on her show as the very next show she gave away iPads to several of her game contestants.

At least the bit is still on the web site:

The ethics of Facebook – A call to action

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

I was drawn to Facebook several years ago because it offered things that no other sights offered. The most important thing was privacy and security. Over the last month, I have noticed that this is no longer the case. My personal information has been leaked out to third party web sites, my privacy settings have been changed to allow people to see stuff that was specifically blocked in the past.

I see all of this as a violation of ethics and the leadership at Facebook has violated my trust for the last time. I am no longer going to be participating in Facebook as a primary source of social networking. I will be maintaining my account, because I still find it useful. I will be limiting my use to cross-posting from my blog, general status updates and keeping tabs on my friends. I have removed all of my photos and personal information from the site (who knows if that will do any good as they probably have it sucked into a DB somewhere for fun and profit).

My photos will only be maintained on my personal gallery at:

My Blog can be found at:

I strongly encourage those who care about their privacy as well as support only ethical business practices stop using Facebook. For more information on this, please read this posting from Jason Calacani:

I think Facebook has a good product, but run by an unethical leader. The Internet does have a way of taking care of it’s own eventually and perhaps something new and better will come out.

People have asked me why I spend my time maintaining my own internet servers. The simple reply I have for them is: “I don’t trust anyone else” and it has served me well for almost twenty years. If I don’t like the policy or practice of my administrator, I only have to go to the mirror and slap him around.