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Disney gallery (Did you know it was there?)

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

Angie and I always go to the Disney Gallery. This is a place to see some old disney memories or behind the scenes information about the park.

This time the entrance had a model display of mainstreet with an N-gauge train around it. The model uses the collector pieces of all the new main street buildings. I am looking for a web site that has information on these.

If you have never been here, check it out. It’s up the stairs above The Pirates ride.


Where not to stay

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

Well it never fails that whenever I try to pick a new hotel to stay at we have a bad experience. This time it was the Desert Inn. I wanted to stay accross the street from the entrance this time. I figured, that it would be convient to just walk over to the park and back again when we leave.

I was wrong. First off, I waited about 5 minutes before I got any help to check in. After checking in, I noticed that we were required to leave the parking lot by 2pm on the day we checked out. I mentioned that this was not documented on the web site or the reservations. I just got a blank stare.

The room was on the 5th floor. The shower did not work, I could not turn on the water without extreme difficulty, and the hot/cold knob just spun without changing the temp. The drain would not work. It kept shutting off while it was draining. I finally had to disassemble the drain so that the water would drain.

In the middle of the night, the plumbing above us was dripping every few seconds. It was quite loud and kept us awake.

The breakfast was toast and juice, what a crock.

Anyway, I think it’s back to Candy Cane Inn. I just need to stop trying to find other hotels and stick with the one we know is good 😉