A semi-rest day

Today was a day of resting after our long day in Hana yesterday. We got up and drive into Lahaina. There was not a lot of parking available but we found a free three hour lot and after circling for a little while found a spot.

We walked a little ways down the street and found a breakfast place that served crepes. The Maui Swiss Cafe is a little out of the way place that serves made from scratch food. Angie and I ordered crepes, I kept with the Hawaiian tradition and ordered mine with ham and pineapple. We walked around Front street and check out the many shops there. There are a few chain restaurants, but a number of local shops.

We headed over to the ferry station to book our transportation to Lana’i later in the week. There are a lot of local artists that setup booth in the area around the library. There is a large banyan tree there they sit under and sell their stuff. We stopped into a shave ice place called: Local Boys Shave Ice. I think the best shave ice places have the metal machines and not the plastic ones. They seem to do a much better job. The shop was a bit crowded, but was worth the wait.

After sitting and eating our shave ice, we drove back to hotel. We went out to the pool and relaxed. We swam in pool and under the waterfalls. Afterwards, we sat under the palm trees and rested, read and sipped on drinks.

We decided to eat dinner in Lahaina since we had the Entertainment book. We picked a Japanese restaurant called Kobe. It’s pretty much the same place as Bennihana. Dinner was good, but I think chicken and shrimp is the way to go and not beef. After dinner we drove back to the hotel as we had to get to bed early for our 1:45 wake up call.

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