This weeks progress for PHRR.

With the three day weekend, we embarked on trying to complete some major milestones on the Pond Haven Railroad project. Saturday morning I made a trip to Lowes hardware to pick up PVC and some top soil and mulch.

I was delayed starting because it started to rain. I worked on dinner (yea at 10-am in the morning). I decided to smoke a pork loin (details in another blog posting).

After a few hours the rain stopped and I was able to go out and start working. My first task was to plant the Alberta Spruce plants. I laid a layer of mulch covered by a layer of miracle grow top soil for trees. I noticed that some of the branches were starting to wilt, so I expect that they might go through transplant shock. I will keep an eye on them this week to make sure they don’t go into shock.

After completing the Spruce planting I laid a bag of potting soil along the side of the water fall so that I could plan the irish moss. I only had one bag so I could not complete the planting today.

I bagged a few bags of DG and ran an additional line for the sprinklers. By then, I had to stop to get ready for dinner guests.

Sunday was a day off

Monday I made another trip to Lowes and picked up more potting soil and amended top soil. I laid the potting soil along the hill next to the waterfall and finished planting the irish moss. I installed new drip irrigation for this side of the hill. I then filled the herb garden container with the amended top soil. I only purchased six bags because I had my car with me this morning. The six bags did a pretty good job of filling the area. I will still need about four more bags since it will compress down once I water it. I hope to finish this during the week and plant my herbs and vegetables.

After all the top soil was put down, I started finishing to bag the DG. Angie came and helped. We finished all 50 bags, and still have a little left in the drive way. I plan to use it all on the hill, but have not figured out where I want it yet. I will pick up another 25 bags at lunch tomorrow.

We took a break and went to Soup Plantation for lunch.

When we got back, I worked on finishing the sprinklers. I completed the main line and added three valves. I only needed two, but I installed an extra one in case of expansion. I finished running the line for the redwood trees and hooked up the line for the grass. The grass line still needs to be dug. I am looking for someone to help lay sod before I do this. I still need to hook the valves to the timer, but I want to re-do the entire wiring so I decided to wait until later this week.

You can check out the photos for the days work by clicking here.

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